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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Start over again

1oct hingga hari ini 8oct 2012 adalah hari yg paling down dalam hidup aku. Kalu tgk post fb aku, aku tulis

"Tengah membina kekuatan untuk bangkit kembali membina impian. Berada di lowest self esteem i never have before, losing all hope,belief and love".

Yes, at this moment aku lost everything. Losing belief, self esteem, love , and also almost iman too. But i work to fight back.

"A man'success is not how high he climbs but how high he bounce when he hits the bottom" 

And of course i will start over again and again because how great loss i has now but it is enough to be grateful with nikmat of
 So, too much to grateful. Thanks Allah. No complain no regret. I will start over again.