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Monday, October 3, 2011

aku ingin berubah

Balik dari Korea, aku menyedari banyak sangat kelemahan aku apabila satu demi satu speaker bercakap di atas stage. Pulang dari Korea, aku nekad untuk improve diri aku menjadi lebih baik. Satu contoh lesson yang aku dapat adalah "dont be pushy". This lesson give big impact to me as since it also always advise by my beloved upline. Yes, before this i think there is no wrong push them to the good thing but now i learn i cannot push people to climb ladders. It do not work!! Just let them decide by their own as long as i have show them the way.

Second lesson i got is be organised.. Before this, i always think that i dont have time to clean my room, arrange my schedule, anyhing else that to me is small matters. But actually i must be organised. Like my friend said " how u want to organise big organisation if u cannot organise yourself. That i love most about herbalife ; keep learning.

Seminggu balik dr Korea, ak go to one by one my roomate to ask am i changing? Bcoz they know me the most. All of them said the same things they can see.

1-More positive
2-Lebih tenang
3-Image better. Picture atas gambar first extravaganza di Singapore. 2years before. Gambar di bawah the latest Zero to Hero in Port Dickson.

4-Pengemas compared dgn before

Alhamdullilah, all of this changing when i analyses has happen because of business dgn izin Allah. If i am not doing Herbalife, i think i don't have initiative to change. But in Herbalife, i have to change if i want my income change.

I know i lose many friends because of my attitude before. For example, my downline do not respect me by seeing my messy room before. I also almost break off the relationship with my old friend after tumpang her room for two days because of my mess. I also lose my downline that hate me push her before. All happen is because my attitude. But one thing i know, i love to change. Malah, my classmates can see how i love to read motivational book whenever i have time in class for the purpose to change my attitude.
The most thing i am afraid is remain the same. As i saw my friends; attitude after 5months holiday never change. Remain same. But nobody can be angry since they have no WHY why they must change their attitude. To them, having high marks is the most important without realising they become educated person with poor attitude. Naudzubillah.

Yes,i love to change myself. Walaupun kadang-kadang rasa geram dgn mereka yg mengata, mengutuk dan menjauhi aku bila mengetahui kelemahan aku, but now i felt very pity to them because maybe my attitude is bad before but i know i keep changing while they remain the same. Tq allah because open my heart,my soul to become better person that u love. I love Allah.

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